[Z] DecoTec® 5110 ImpregnationOil BioProtectX

Product description:

Natural wood oil primer or waterproofing for exterior wood surfaces


  • Penetrates deep into the wood
  • Excellent waterproofing and protective effect
  • Environmentally friendly natural wood oil
  • Contains film protector
  • Very quick-drying


Protection and decorative finish for external non-dimensionally stable wooden components with no contact with the ground, particularly recommended for façades, wooden terrace decking, garden furniture and other, exterior universal wooden surfaces.

Types of wood containing constituents or a high resin content, and knots may cause discolouration depending on the colour used. Knots may impact on the ability of the coating to adhere. Substrates containing constituents or a high resin content can impact on the absorption of water-based paints and glazes. Resin spots are not coating faults.



Standard layer build-up:

  • 1 x [Z] DecoTec® 5110 ImpregnationOil BioProtectX
  • 2 x [Z] DecoTec® 5433 TopOil BioWeatherProtectX