[Z] ZowoPlast® product world – PVC

[Z] ZowoPlast® provides a service package unmatched by any other provider.

  • Vertical and horizontal coating
    – painting on profile or window also possible
  • high layer build-up in one work step
  • one base coat only for all colours
  • one product for all types of application (craft to industrial)
  • fully water-based system including cleaner
    – no solvent-induced brittleness, no hazardous material
    – logistical advantages
  • Proven in extreme climates, e.g., Australia, Mexico, Middle East, Siberia, USA
  • Extremely easy to clean
  • Easy to process (easy to repair)
  • [Z] ZOBEL ANTI-HEAT for dimensionally stable components
  • Cost and flexibility benefits compared to alternative methods of colouring
  • Proven safety
  • NMP, NEP, TEA, isocyanate-free

One-coat build-up for solid and metallic colours – as simple as can be!

  • Fast and extremely good adhesion
  • Excellent flow
  • High scratch resistance
  • High elasticity
  • Outstanding hardness and very good abrasion resistance
  • Excellent weather resistance
  • Excellent covering properties
  • Resistance to common household chemicals
  • Low consumption – simple and time-saving processing