[Z] DecoTec® 5426 UniCoat 3in1 Impregnation ProtectX

Product description:

Water-based, biocidal multicoat glaze


  • Impregnation, primer and topcoat in one system
  • Penetrates deep into the wood
  • Does not form coats, the substrate retains its natural effect
  • Early block-resistant
  • Protects against greying
  • Versatile use
  • With biocidal properties in accordance with EN 113 and EN 152.1 to protect against blue stain and wood-destroying fungi
  • The wood preservative is suitable for treating new wood and for refreshing greyed wood.
  • Can also be used as impregnation or a primer from the [Z] DecoTec® products


For non-dimensionally stable interior and exterior wooden components with no contact with the ground.

  • Protection of wooden components when used as primer and topcoat, e.g., log cabins or garden houses, façades, fences
  • Colouring primers in the layer build-up with glazing [Z] DecoTec® products
  • Wooden components with high maintenance requirements, e.g., handrails, railings, terrace decking, panels, playground equipment

Types of wood containing constituents or a high resin content, and knots may cause discolouration depending on the colour used. Knots may impact on the ability of the coating to adhere. Substrates containing constituents or a high resin content can impact on the absorption of water-based paints and glazes. Resin spots are not coating faults.


  • Colour-Line Nature, Colour-Line Classic and special colours based on [Z] DecoTec® 5426 Basis DEL. Integrated into the ZOBEL colour mixing system.
  • The colour of the layer build-up is created after 2-3 coats of [Z] DecoTec® 5426.
  • The colour may be influenced by the quality, moisture and processing conditions of the wood.

Standard layer build-up:

  • 2 – 3 x [Z] DecoTec® 5426 UniCoat 3in1 Impregnation ProtectX