[Z] ZowoHome® 8400 WoodStar

Product description:

Water-based, colourless and glazing, stair and furniture coating for interior use


  • One-component
  • Fast coat build with a high filling capacity
  • High abrasion and scratch resistance, also suitable for wooden floors
  • Excellent resistance to chemicals and hand cream
  • Good grain enhancement of the substrate
  • Very good stability even on standing surfaces
  • Highly transparent / clear
  • Excellent sanding properties
  • Compatible with the [Z] ZowoHome®, [Z] DecoTec® and [Z] ZowoTec® range


Stairs, interior doors, furniture, general interior wood surfaces.


  • Colour-Line Nature, Colour-Line Classic and special colours based on [Z] ZowoHome® 8400 Basis EL. Integrated into the ZOBEL colour mixing system.
  • The colour of the layer build-up is created by the interplay between the colour of the primer, intercoat and topcoat.
  • The colour may be influenced by the type, quality and moisture of the wood, and also by the processing conditions.
  • The colour and its intensity is influenced by the application method, e.g. painting or spraying, and the respective thickness of the coats.
  • Even if the colour designations are the same, colour variations may occur with the other Berger-Zobel products. The difference is influenced by the binder, coat thickness, application method and the primer used.

Standard layer build-up:

  • 1 x [Z] ZowoHome® 8200 COLOR Primer
  • 2 x [Z] ZowoHome® 8400 WoodStar approx. 125 μm