[Z] ZowoSmart® 5102 ProtectiveEmulsion

Product description:

Water-based emulsion to preserve value and polish coated surfaces.


  • Environmentally friendly
  • The protective emulsion forms a water- and dirt-repellent protective film
  • Protects against natural weathering caused by sun, wind and rain
  • Freshens the colour intensity and gives a new shine.
  • Used in combination with the [Z] ZowoSmart® 5101 Cleaner
  • Compatible with the [Z] ZowoPlast®, [Z] DecoTec® and [Z] ZowoTec® topcoats


Wood and plastic components coated with Berger-Zobel coatings and glazes, e.g., windows, doors, gates. The cleaner is suitable for interior and exterior use.