[Z] ZowoTec® 444 TopCoat DoorX

Product description:

Water-based, glazing intercoat and topcoat for front doors, and colourless protective coating


  • Minimal time in stock, as one product is used for two applications
  • Intercoat and topcoat for glazing front doors
  • Colourless protective coating for pigmented topcoats
  • Protects the [Z] ZowoTec® window coatings from pigment abrasion and scratches during heavy use.
  • One-component
  • Highly weatherproof
  • High level of UV protection
  • High scratch resistance
  • Good chemical and hand cream resistance
  • Excellent sanding properties


Wooden doors, wooden materials in exterior and interior areas, wooden components subject to high mechanical loads in interior areas, in particular window sills and internal doors. Unsuitable for use on wooden windows.


  • Front door glaze: Colours in the Colour Line Classic and Colour Line Nature and special colours based on [Z] ZowoTec® Basis EL. Integrated into the Berger-Zobel colour mixing system. Colour variations between [Z] ZowoTec® 420/421 and [Z] ZowoTec® 425/426 may occur.
  • Protective coating: colourless
  • The colour of the layer build-up is created by the interplay between the colour of the primer, intercoat and topcoat. The colour may be influenced by the quality, moisture and processing conditions of the wood.
  • Metallic colours can be created by adding [Z] ZowoSmart® EffectPigment Silver. For additional quantities, please refer to the relevant Technical Data Sheet.

Standard layer build-up Front door glaze:

  • 1 x [Z] ZowoTec® 118 Impregnation ProtectX
  • 1 x [Z] ZowoTec® 200 Primer
  • 1 x [Z] ZowoTec® 444 TopCoat DoorX approx. 150 μm
  • 1 x [Z] ZowoTec® 444 TopCoat DoorX approx. 150 μm

Standard layer build-up protective coating:

Standard layer build-up from the [Z] ZowoTec® range

  • 1 x [Z] ZowoTec® 444 TopCoat DoorX farblos, approx. 150 μm