[Z] ZowoTec® 484 TopCoat COLOR DoorX

Product description:

Water-based, opaque topcoat for front doors


  • One-component
  • Highly weatherproof
  • High level of UV protection
  • Anti-heat finish to minimise substrate heating
  • High scratch resistance
  • Good chemical and hand cream resistance
  • Excellent sanding properties


Wooden doors, wooden materials for exterior and interior use.


  • RAL colours and special colours based on [Z] ZowoTec® 484.
  • Metallic colours can be created by adding [Z] ZowoSmart® EffectPigment Silver. For additional quantities, please refer to the relevant Technical Data Sheet.

Standard layer build-up:

  • 1 x [Z] ZowoTec® 118 Impregnation ProtectX
  • 1 x [Z] ZowoTec® 260 Primer White
  • 1 x [Z] ZowoTec® 385 InterCoat White IsoFillX, approx. 150 μm
  • 1 x [Z] ZowoTec® 484 TopCoat COLOR DoorX approx. 150 μm